Uber Vs Ola Cabs - Who Wins the Race ?

by Staff   |  Oct 06, 2015    
Most of the people who are in a close relation with the cab providers know the whole scenario of cab bookings and cab aggregators, but those want to try the newfangled Ola and Uber across their cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and others. But the Yellow plates are to be chosen purely few basic factors like Availability of the Cabs, Base fare charges, Distance traveled and also the Ongoing promotional offers. 

Uber Fares: The most considered part for any service is Prices. Now Uber offers you the cheapest Fares than any other cab providers. And its prices being Rs 7/km and Rs 9/km for UberGo and UberX respectively (Rates in Hyderabad). 

App Design and Features: You will see the app is decently maintained with the conventional achromatic blacks and is the most optimal model for user-friendly one. Unlike others, it allows the user to give the destination point and also the best possible route map. If you are booking it or not just check the app and you will get to know the things exactly. Soon after booking the cab you will receive the Driver's name, number, and also the app shows the pic of the driver. 

Car condition: Unlike the other Minicab providers (UberGO in Uber) most of the Uber Cabs are cleaner and well maintained. Book Uber if you want Shabby cabs off. 

Referral code system: Download the app and Uber gives you a coupon. To enjoy the free ride refer the coupon to your friends and you will a coupon worth Rs 250/- which is probably considered a free ride. 

Payment: Payments are really simple and you also have multiple options like Credit/Debit Card, Airtel Money. You can directly pay the money in cash if you have it handy. If you are a regular customer of Paytm, you can also use it for Uber payments. 


  1.   No pre-booking. You cannot arrange yourself a cab in advance as Uber doesn't have a pre-booking option.
  2.   No Customer Care number provided. You do not have an option to contact the customer care directly and talk to     them, it only allows you to mail them your feedback or queries.
  3.  High Surcharges. Surcharges can be extremely high at times. But that doesn't last long. Whenever you see a    Surcharge just check it out after few minutes to get relieved.

Ola Cabs Fares: Ola also provides its cab service at a reasonable cost but little higher than the Uber fares. With base fare of Rs 80/- & Rs 9/km and Rs 100/- & Rs 9/km for Ola Mini and Ola Sedan respectively (Rates in Hyderabad). But on the contrary, Ola peak hour charges or surcharges are comparatively less than Uber. 

App Design and Features: The Ola app is also likely to be user-friendly though few technical errors creep in. As an add-on, you can find Ola auto and Ola cafe other than the cab service. You can hop into an auto in case of unavailability of the cabs or you can just opt for an auto for short distances. 

Car condition: Though you can't get completely contented by the Minicabs of Ola, you may get pleased by the Sedan services they provide.  

Referral code: Initially Ola has been committed by getting you the best referral coupon of worth Rs 300/- but later it curbs itself and now gives you the referral coupon of Rs 200/- 

Payments: Ola has a unique option, "Ola Money". Though most of the customers pay by cash, the regular users of Ola can add few bucks to their Ola account and make the payments. 

Disadvantages over Uber:

  1.   The Ola fares are not as cheap as Uber.
  2.   The referral code just gets you the coupon worth Rs 200/-
  3.   In Spite of clear navigation given to pick the customer, the drivers doesn't follow the navigation. So be prepared to get to know the address yourself  before delivering it to the driver.

It is likely to have few errors though, but if you are using the public transport to commute regularly, take a break. Install both the apps, use the coupon code while registering and it will get you a free ride. Have a ride with both of them and get the review of the services yourself. You can find all the First Ride Coupons through Happycheckout.in You ought to make use of the benefits every cab provider gets you.

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