About Us

Created by shoppers for shoppers, Happycheckout, as the name suggests, exists with the sole objective of bringing smiles to an Indian online shopper. As shoppers, we have gone through various levels of dissatisfaction over the years. Coupons found, but not working, working but not as intended and various other factors that had left each and every one of us no-so-happy.

What is Happycheckout?

Happycheckout is a coupons and deals portal that has, probably the easiest navigational style and caters to online shoppers exclusively to save money and offer the best deals and promotional codes available currently. We have dedicated ourselves to making online shopping a better experience, both for us as well as you.

Vision & Mission

Happycheckout was created as a conceptual vision to provide only verified and working deals and coupons to any online shopper, absolutely free of cost. This vision is consistent and will remain so making us most customer-centrist in the market. The mission is to provide qualitative, timely, verified and tested coupons, deals and promo codes in the simplest manner to the shopper thus rendering his/ her checkout happier. In short, an online shopper should walk away after completing the order on any of the merchant websites with a smile.

What sets us apart from the crowd?

The crowd is interested in numbers, we are not. The objective of the crowd is to make money, of course that is the motto of any business, and however, we are not overtly money sensitive. You can make that out from the simple fact that we do not run any kind of advertisement s on our website, which is a very lucrative way of making moolah. We do not want bugged visitors while we are saying that we create happy customers.

Our exclusive coupons and deals offered are not available anywhere else. The reason is that we have exclusive tie-ups with various online merchants who give us exclusive coupons to be used only by our visitors.

We do try and keep all deals and coupons activated at all times. But, in our endeavor to create the most comprehensive coupons and deals website, our number crunching happens at the back-end. We want to get to a stage where if a coupon or deal is available online, we should be the first ones to carry it.

In short..

Clearly, customer-centrality and quality of service are our top most priorities and we intend to keep it that way. We shall not waver from the path of keeping you happy. Rest assured, please ensure that drop us a line at hello@happycheckout.in in case you find any issues or have any suggestions to improve the service.