I Wish I had Known These Online Grocery Shopping Tricks Before

by Sheetal Krishna   |  Jun 14, 2016    

Buying groceries for home is such a hectic and time-taking task. From making the list of buying things to buying them from the right place and bringing them home is all a chain of tasks which needs a lot of time. Every time I shop for groceries I end up all exhausted and still find a thing or two missing from the list. Online grocery shopping was something which we were unaware of a few years ago. It's now when I wish I had known these tricks to buy groceries before, then a lot of time and money have been saved. Online grocery shopping comes with loads of benefits which we have usually missed out while shopping out in the local markets. It not only saves our time and money but also spares us from all the hassles which we often face while shopping at the street market.

Last time I shopped for the groceries from a very popular online grocery store, even my mom was thrilled to see the bill and appreciated my shopping skills. The low-budget bill which helped me buy numerous varieties in grocery along with the applied discount coupons that further saved money was indeed a surprising shopping experience for us all. Here are a few things you should always do while you are shopping for groceries online.

Tips And Tricks To Shop For Groceries Online

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Online Grocery Shopping: A Boon For Singles

How To Save More Money On Grocery Shopping?

Best Picked Grocery Coupons For The Lazy Shoppers

Hidden Tricky Tips To Save Money

Below Mentioned are the Top 4 Tips And Tricks To Shop For Groceries Online

Online Grocery Shopping: A Boon For Singles

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From making the things to do list to going out for shopping after working for eight long hours in the office is indeed a fuss for the youngsters who are staying away from their home. Being at home as well makes us feel irritated when someone asks us to go out for grocery shopping. Most of us do it for the sake of pocket money and to get the leftover money in return to spend on our own. However, now when you are facing a busy life schedule, thinking of buying groceries itself raises your temperature to the highest point. If you are single, then buying groceries usually leaves you all confused about what to buy and what not to and from where and when. The online grocery stores have come as a boon for those who usually are too busy to think of buying groceries. Here is what you need to do when you are shopping online for the groceries.

Make A Things To Buy List:

Making a list is a must when you are planning for shopping online or offline for anything. A list helps you be prepared well for your shopping and you buy the things that are a necessity. You will be saved from shopping haphazardly and save much of your time as well. However, the online shopping sites have the list of things arranged in such a manner that you find it easier to shop with just one click rather than roaming around the store with a heavy trolley in your hands.

Check For The Various Online Grocery Stores:

Before you start shopping online, you should know about the different online grocery shopping sites. There are n number of online sites selling groceries in various cities. Some of them being BigBasket, Zopnow, Zipin, Grofers, Nature's Basket, Organic Shop, TeaBox, Peppertap and others. You can choose any of them. Check which site works in your city and then order groceries online without much fuss.

Compare Prices For Smart Shopping:

If you want to shop smartly and save more money while shopping, then first you should know the prices of both offline and online market and compare them. You will get a rough idea of the prices of the things you need to buy and how much less or more you are sending. Moreover, you also need to go to the various sites and compare the prices before you buy things so that you save money by spending the lowest amount for the same product.

How To Save More Money On Grocery Shopping?

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Grocery shopping has always been a housewives task. She is said to be an expert in shopping skills if she can bargain well and save more amount. Every time they go out shopping they are expected to save more than what they did last time. It is a topic which most of the ladies boast about during their gossips in the society gathering. They are found roaming around the local market from one shop to another bargaining for the things and buying it at the lowest price possible. When it comes to buying online, you cannot bargain but can obviously compare prices and buy the things at the lowest available price in any of the online grocery stores. Furthermore, comparing prices will help you buy products at a lesser price, but there are some other ways through which you can not only buy things at a less price but also save more money. Here are some tips that would help you save more money than you ever did while bargaining.

Keep An Eye On Grocery Coupons:

Online shopping comes with terms like discounts, cashbacks and offers that always catches your attention successfully. Always keep an eye on the best deals available online for the online grocery shopping. You will thus save more money and get the best-bargained deals on your shopping. Check online coupon sites like HappyCheckout for grocery coupons. You can find great deals of discounts and other offers which would help you save more of your money.

Save Money On Shipping and Delivery Charges:

Keep a check on the shipping and delivery charges while shopping online for the groceries. Check the sites thoroughly for the additional shipping and delivery charges on your total amount. You can save an enormous amount on shipping and delivery charges if you cut it off your total billing amount. You need to check various sites to know which among them is not taking additional shipping charges. You can also verify whether there are terms as such where you need to buy things of some amount after which the additional costs will be excluded. Thus, you can cut off these extra expenses and shop online for groceries and save those extra bucks aside.

Secretly Cut Off The Fuel And Other Additional Expenses

While you are shopping online for the groceries from your comfort zone such as your home or office in case of emergencies, you are secretly saving some additional expenses from our budget. The costs of fuel for transportation, parking, carry bags or any other fuss related to offline shopping. Online shopping is much easier and hassle free and helps save your money and time. What else do you want from just a click that saves so much for you without giving you much trouble?

Best Picked Grocery Coupons For The Lazy Shoppers

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For all of you who are reading this article and wondering where to check for the grocery coupons and continue with the shopping without paying much head towards the coupons, we bring a helping hand to you. Here we mention the top coupons and deals on grocery from the most popular online grocery stores. Here are few coupons that would help you save money while you shop for groceries online.


Grofers is offering a 15% discount on your online grocery shopping using its mobile app. You can apply the code - HAPPYC100/ GROFERS15 to avail a discount of 15% on your total bill. This code can be used on your first order with Grofers for purchase of above INR500. You can also avail other Grofers Coupons to avail further discounts on your orders.


BigBasket is offering a discount of INR 150 across India on purchase above INR 1000 and a discount of 10% on purchase of INR 5000 AND ABOVE. You can use the codes BBHC150 and BSAVE10T1A respectively to avail the offers. There are more coupon codes for discounts and other deals from BigBasket. You can also check the other BigBasket Coupons as well to avail further discounts.


Zopnow offers 25% cashback on first purchase of the mobile app customers. It also has INR 250 off on the purchase of products above INR 2500 using the code MAR250 during checkout. You can also check for other Zopnow Coupons and avail massive discounts.

You can also check for other grocery coupons for other online grocery sites like Zipin, Peppertap, Organic Shop and others.

Hidden Tricky Tips To Save Money

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Price comparison, coupons, discounts are some of the tricks which we follow while shopping online and save our pockets. However, there are other tips too which can help you save even more while you happily enjoy the shopping and wait for the order to be delivered to your doorstep. Here are a few other hidden tricky tips and tricks which you can use while you are shopping groceries online.

Pay Using The Digital Wallets:

You can use the digital wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik, PayUMoney and others while making payment to get additional discount benefits on your purchases. These digital wallets are easy to access and also can be used anywhere and anytime. You can order groceries for your family even while you are out of town and they need not worry about paying the cash as you have already done the needs. Furthermore, the discounts will also help save your money.

Check For The Bank Offers:

Some online grocery sites have discount and cashback offers for the customers who have a debit or credit card from the specified banks. In case you use the cards of mentioned banks, you will avail additional discounts and save more from your budget.

E-Wallet Offers Comes As Emergency Handy To You:

There are some stores which have e-wallet for their customers ease of access to the app or the website. You get some offers like referral codes, cashbacks or other discounts when the money is added to your e-wallet. The referral codes help you earn money by promoting the app to your friends and relatives and in return they too get some amount of their purchase using the apps. The e-wallet cash can be utilized during an emergency when you don't have cash in hands but need to buy the groceries.

Now you can use these tricks to shopping groceries online and save more of your money than you had ever saved while shopping at the nearby local market.

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