The Make-Up Look Book! Make Notes on Looks for Makeup!

by Meghna   |  Sep 27, 2016    

The face is like a canvas to the art of makeup. Makeup can be intimidating to a beginner, to shop for or to explore with. Reason being the wide range of products available with the varied brands. But it's important to know what product suits your skin type and structure.


Make-up does not change you, it transforms your look to something better, by enhancing your best features and hiding away your insecurities. There are certain makeup looks that every woman should know. Different looks call for different occasions, and a few techniques will help you master these looks. The right products can give you the perfect look! Check the deals on Nykaa for prepping for these looks with the perfect makeup kit!.

#The classic look


This look is perfect for any occasion. The look demands for red lips, dark eyes definite shape with an eyeliner, dramatic lashes and bronzed cheeks, and a hint of shimmer. This look gives a elegant, mature look, it gives a graceful uplift to any outfit. With a radiant glow with a skin gloss and concealing primer-foundation. Always remember to balance your face out, give a subtle shimmer eye shadow that is mostly neutral as your lips will be dominating in this look. a rich cheeky glow will give a warm look.

#The bold look


The look requires a stunning attitude to go with it, as the look is all about intense eyes with a deep dark color. But however to balance it out he look requires a much lighter focus on the lip with a more nude shade. The dark eyes go perfect for a evening event or a party look, it gives a bold statement. Pale skin with a shimmery touch to the cheeks. The smokey eye is widely done with a black-greyish shade, the darker the better, and it is used with a lighter shade shimmer with a gradation effect to create more drama.

#The natural look


Sometimes, a natural look goes better than a more made up look. But it does not mean you can skip on makeup, it's only that you use a more natural amount, with beige and skin shades. Be subtle over your eyes, using earthy tones, and gentle eyeliner, use a beige cheeky glow, and a natural pink tint for the lips, with a slight touch of gloss. A vibrant look speaks for natural, it gives a more natural glow, This look really brings out your features with a subtle way. It is most recommended for women who do not want to use too much makeup or who are not a fan of the 'made up' look.

#The berry look


This look is widely known for a monsoon time look, due to the dark shade of lip color, the lips are usually in a mauve- berry like- black shades. This look gives you a more mature outlook, The shade can be chosen based on skin-tone and preference, but preferably dark, The eyes are kept in a more dull, pastel like tint.

#The festive look


The festive look demands for some drama, and a very special look. The look is reserved for special occasions or events, hence the 'festive' look. The look is all about glow and shimmer, add some shimmer to the eyes and a beautiful golden glow, with the perfect rich lip color, The face is the star of the look, with highlighting with a golden shimmer, and a beautiful warm blush with a definite eye liner and dramatic eyes, with extra mascara and a soft look.

#The pretty look


The pretty girl next door!, This look is a very feminine, girly sort of a makeup look. It has a very pinkish tint to it, The makeup is basically in pinks, with a hint pinkish shade in foundation, along with pink lip color, The eyes are mostly kept silver, with bright corners, The lips are left glossy and highlighted cheekbones. It's a date time look, for its romantic colors, The eyes are glimmering with shimmer and bright tints.

#The nude look


The nude look might be confused with the natural look, but however the nude look gives you the illusion of no makeup but it is actually makeup with shades that match your skin tone, to create a more nude look. The lips and eyes makeup are in the same beige-caramel tones, with a brownish face palette and contouring plays an important role.

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