A 4-Inch Apple and a Foldable Samsung Phone Awaits Future

by Sheetal Krishna   |  Dec 16, 2015    
The big names of the mobile world Apple and Samsung have some good news for the mobile lovers. If you are a Nomophobic, then you have heard it right. The duos are soon going to launch their new models in the year 2016 which is way round the corner. The mobile world is usually demanding the phone models of the two tycoons of the mobile world, i.e., Apple and Samsung. Now when they are again in giving something new to the world, I know everyone is super excited about it. 

Apple is planning to launch a new phone of 4-inch size. Although the bigger size phones of the brand are in high demand in the market, the brand wants something for those who don’t like carrying the big phones with them all the time. They had experimented the same two years ago by launching Apple 5S, a phone with the 4-inch screen. The phone is however not manufactured anymore. The users having it are also in need of a better and updated version as the phone doesn’t support Apple Play and other latest functions. So for the users who need a small but the branded phone for their pockets, Apple has its new design on the way. The phone would probably have an 8MP back Camera and 2MP Front Camera. It would cost about USD 400-500 in the US. The prices for Indian customers are however not yet revealed.


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Samsung, on the other hand, is planning to bring a phone that you can roll and twist and keep it in as less space as it requires. It has already designed the basic structure and applied for the patent already. The foldable/rollable device will be handy for the phone users. They can use two apps together on the same screen or use the large screen for watching movies. However, the company is replacing its Gorilla Glass multi-touch glass with a Pliable Plastic Material for the display screen. The device can be rolled in to a cylindrical form. It can be carried easily in that from to anywhere without bothering much about the required space. The price and other features are yet not revealed.


Samsung will soon launch its new model in the most successful S series, i.e., Samsung Galaxy S7. The new model will be out in the market soon. It has already been running successfully with its latest model Samsung Galaxy S6 in the market released in 2015 April.


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