12 Tips And Tricks To Save Money While Shopping Online

by Sheetal Krishna   |  Feb 29, 2016    
Shopping spree never fades for the shopaholics. No matter it’s the day when you get your salary or the month end, shopaholics will always get a reason to shop. You just ask them, and they will give hundreds of reasons like festivals, changing seasons, weekends, depression, happiness, success in the exam, failure in love, etc. Shopaholics will never stop shopping online or offline; rather they would shop till they drop. Shopping means expenses, and everyone is not interested in spending much for shopping without a reason. Some people want to spend as less as possible even for the things which are a necessity for them. You can always opt for online shopping and avail great discounts and purchase items at a much cheaper cost than the offline shopping stores anytime.

Online Shopping

Here, we have covered some tips and shopping skills to help you save money while shopping online. 

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i. Make A List Of Things To Buy 
ii. Check Various Sites 
iii. Price Comparison 
iv. Connect To Social Media 

v. Be Careful About The Changing Price Strategy 
vi. Check Review And Rating Of The Product 
vii. Check For The Discounts and Coupons 
viii. Call Customer Care For Queries 

ix. Leave Items In The Wish List Shopping Cart 
x. Avoid Shipping Charges 
xi. Check Return Policy 
xii. Use Digital Wallet For Payment

A. Pre-Shopping Research For The Shoppers

Pre-Shopping Research

Every time you are out for shopping you have a to-do list on your hands and a well-prepared background of the shops around your locality to purchase a high-quality product without getting cheated. Same applies to the online shopping as well. You need to research properly about the online websites, customer reviews and the quality of products they supply to the buyers. Here are few other tips you can follow during your research before you just go and shop and then bang your head on the wall later. 

i. Make A List Of Things To Buy First and foremost prepare a list of things which you want to buy. You don't want to puzzle yourself while shopping by seeing a variety of options available in front of your eyes. Instead of getting confused in what to buy and what not to, better prepare a list beforehand to be sure of what you need to buy and thus spend a lesser amount on shopping by not spending on unwanted things. 

ii. Check Various Sites Before buying it from any one site or rather a very well known site, I would suggest you to research thoroughly through different websites and be sure of the quality, quantity and price of the products you need to buy. Moreover, you also get different offers on different sites further reducing the amount payable for the product saving your pockets further. 

iii. Price Comparison You can compare the prices of the offline stores with the online stores for the products you need to purchase. You can also compare the prices of the product on various sites to be sure you are buying it at its best price instead of paying more for some websites without researching much before shopping. 

iv. Connect To Social Media You should always log in to the social pages of your favorite shopping sites to stay updated with their latest offers. The stores usually update all their discount offers first on the social media to gain more viewership and visits of the customers to the site. You can also sign up at some sites to continue shopping, this would not only help you get alerts about the upcoming sale on the site but also get you some special discounts and other offers as a new customer of the site.

B. Skills To Implement During Shopping

Smartly Select and Shop Online

A perfect housewife is well known for her talents in maintaining a house correctly and also for her marketing skills. She knows what to buy and how to bargain to get them at the best price and save more money on shopping. The online stores, however, doesn't allow you to bargain, but you can still shop smartly by applying few tricks while shopping online. If you check the tips given below and buy accordingly, I am sure you would save a lot for your next shopping as well. 

v. Be Careful About The Changing Price Strategy Most of the sites very carefully follow your shopping habits. You must know the prices of the products carefully so that you don't get cheated on it assuming it be in discount which actually is not. Remember to delete your browser cookies and log out every time you shop online to be a careful shopper. 

vi. Check Review And Rating Of The Product Always remember to verify the review and customer ratings of the product to remain assured of its quality especially in the case of electronics. In offline stores, you get to test the products in front of you before purchasing which gives you a bit of assurance, and still you get cheated sometimes. So, the online store where you get the products delivered to your doorstep after making payments always brings along the fear of forgery and get bad quality products. Although they give you the guarantee of providing best products yet, you should check once the words from its other buyers to be assured. 

vii. Check For The Discounts and Coupons You should check the discounts mentioned on the products before purchasing them. Do not always buy the lowest priced product from the site. Instead, go to a range of the cheapest product just for the sake of quality and best price assurance. You can also get the branded ones from the online stores at best value. You can also check the coupon sites like HappyCheckout to see the available discount coupons for the various online stores. You can use the coupons and shop online to avail additional discounts and cashbacks on your purchases. The offers available on the site for different categories including fashion, travel, food and others are all catchy enough to lure you shop more and even save more. 

viii. Call Customer Care For Queries While shopping if you have any doubts related to discounts, coupons or the prices then feel free to call the customer support team to clear all your doubts. Instead of being a victim after you’ve purchased the products, it's better you enquire beforehand and then proceed.

C. Money Savior Tips To Remember While Shopping

Discount Coupons on Online Shopping

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